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Distance Between Saint Kitts and Nevis Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Basseterre to Christ Church Nichola Town8 km5 miles
Christ Church Nichola Town to Saint Anne Sandy Point9 km6 miles
Saint Anne Sandy Point to Saint George Basseterre26 km16 miles
Saint George Basseterre to Saint George Gingerland15 km9 miles
Saint George Gingerland to Saint James Windwa6 km4 miles
Saint James Windwa to Saint John Capesterre32 km20 miles
Saint John Capesterre to Saint John Figtree36 km22 miles
Saint John Figtree to Saint Mary Cayon29 km18 miles
Saint Mary Cayon to Saint Paul Capesterre11 km7 miles
Saint Paul Capesterre to Saint Paul Charlestown37 km23 miles
Saint Paul Charlestown to Saint Peter Basseterre22 km14 miles
Saint Peter Basseterre to Saint Thomas Lowland20 km12 miles
Saint Thomas Lowland to Saint Thomas Middle Island28 km17 miles
Saint Thomas Middle Island to Trinity Palmetto Point6 km4 miles