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Distance Between Portugal Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Portugal

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aveiro to Azores1,499 km931 miles
Azores to Beja1,561 km970 miles
Beja to Braga395 km245 miles
Braga to Braganca142 km88 miles
Braganca to Castelo Branco229 km142 miles
Castelo Branco to Coimbra89 km55 miles
Coimbra to Evora186 km116 miles
Evora to Faro173 km107 miles
Faro to Funchal952 km592 miles
Funchal to Guarda1,228 km763 miles
Guarda to Leiria158 km98 miles
Leiria to Lisbon118 km73 miles
Lisbon to Madeira968 km601 miles
Madeira to Ponta Delgada964 km599 miles
Ponta Delgada to Portalegre1,594 km990 miles
Portalegre to Porto231 km144 miles
Porto to Santarem214 km133 miles
Santarem to Setubal81 km50 miles
Setubal to Viana do Castelo352 km219 miles
Viana do Castelo to Vila Real101 km63 miles
Vila Real to Viseu73 km45 miles