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Distance Between Paraguay Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Paraguay

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alto Paraguay to Alto Parana768 km477 miles
Alto Parana to Amambay356 km221 miles
Amambay to Asuncion340 km211 miles
Asuncion to Boqueron521 km324 miles
Boqueron to Caacupe561 km349 miles
Caacupe to Caaguazu114 km71 miles
Caaguazu to Caazapa85 km53 miles
Caazapa to Canindeyu235 km146 miles
Canindeyu to Central244 km152 miles
Central to Ciudad del Este291 km181 miles
Ciudad del Este to Concepcion392 km244 miles
Concepcion to Cordillera269 km167 miles
Cordillera to Coronel Oviedo62 km39 miles
Coronel Oviedo to Encarnacion217 km135 miles
Encarnacion to Guaira167 km104 miles
Guaira to Itapua119 km74 miles
Itapua to Misiones142 km88 miles
Misiones to Neembucu75 km47 miles
Neembucu to Paraguari170 km106 miles
Paraguari to Pedro Juan Caballero371 km231 miles
Pedro Juan Caballero to Pilar546 km339 miles
Pilar to Presidente Hayes394 km245 miles
Presidente Hayes to San Juan Bautista402 km250 miles
San Juan Bautista to San Pedro281 km175 miles
San Pedro to Villa Hayes139 km86 miles
Villa Hayes to Villarrica132 km82 miles