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Distance Between Panama Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Panama

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bocas del Toro to Chiriqui113 km70 miles
Chiriqui to Chitre209 km130 miles
Chitre to Cocle48 km30 miles
Cocle to Colon117 km73 miles
Colon to Darien283 km176 miles
Darien to David509 km316 miles
David to Embera526 km327 miles
Embera to Guna Yala112 km70 miles
Guna Yala to Herrera322 km200 miles
Herrera to Los Santos44 km27 miles
Los Santos to Ngoebe-Bugle196 km122 miles
Ngoebe-Bugle to Panama266 km165 miles
Panama to Santiago de Veraguas206 km128 miles
Santiago de Veraguas to Veraguas86 km53 miles