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Distance Between Palau Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Palau

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aimeliik to Airai10 km6 miles
Airai to Angaur67 km42 miles
Angaur to Hatohobei517 km321 miles
Hatohobei to Kayangel662 km411 miles
Kayangel to Koror87 km54 miles
Koror to Melekeok24 km15 miles
Melekeok to Ngaraard13 km8 miles
Ngaraard to Ngarchelong11 km7 miles
Ngarchelong to Ngardmau16 km10 miles
Ngardmau to Ngaremlengui7 km4 miles
Ngaremlengui to Ngatpang7 km4 miles
Ngatpang to Ngchesar6 km4 miles
Ngchesar to Ngiwal13 km8 miles
Ngiwal to Peleliu75 km47 miles
Peleliu to Sonsorol367 km228 miles