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Distance Between Oman Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Oman

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Al Batinah to Al Buraimi85 km53 miles
Al Buraimi to Al Buraymi5 km3 miles
Al Buraymi to Al Sohar97 km60 miles
Al Sohar to Al Wusta466 km290 miles
Al Wusta to Ash Sharqiyah299 km186 miles
Ash Sharqiyah to Az Zahirah265 km165 miles
Az Zahirah to Ibra'258 km160 miles
Ibra' to Khasab452 km281 miles
Khasab to Muhafazat ad Dakhiliyah361 km224 miles
Muhafazat ad Dakhiliyah to Muhafazat Masqat0 km0 miles
Muhafazat Masqat to Musandam345 km214 miles
Musandam to Muscat355 km221 miles
Muscat to Nizwa132 km82 miles
Nizwa to Salalah750 km466 miles
Salalah to Sur839 km521 miles
Sur to Zufar705 km438 miles