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Distance Between Norway Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Norway

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Akershus to Arendal226 km140 miles
Arendal to Aust-Agder46 km29 miles
Aust-Agder to Bergen247 km153 miles
Bergen to Bodo884 km549 miles
Bodo to Buskerud805 km500 miles
Buskerud to Drammen117 km73 miles
Drammen to Finnmark Fylke1,395 km867 miles
Finnmark Fylke to Hamar1,269 km789 miles
Hamar to Hedmark72 km45 miles
Hedmark to Hordaland340 km211 miles
Hordaland to Kristiansand270 km168 miles
Kristiansand to Lillehammer358 km222 miles
Lillehammer to Molde250 km155 miles
Molde to More og Romsdal51 km32 miles
More og Romsdal to Moss418 km260 miles
Moss to Nord-Trondelag559 km347 miles
Nord-Trondelag to Nordland365 km227 miles
Nordland to Oppland698 km434 miles
Oppland to Oslo190 km118 miles
Oslo to Ostfold80 km50 miles
Ostfold to Rogaland303 km188 miles
Rogaland to Skien205 km127 miles
Skien to Sogn og Fjordane317 km197 miles
Sogn og Fjordane to Sor-Trondelag264 km164 miles
Sor-Trondelag to Stavanger514 km319 miles
Stavanger to Steinkjer638 km396 miles
Steinkjer to Telemark540 km336 miles
Telemark to Tonsberg119 km74 miles
Tonsberg to Troms1,237 km769 miles
Troms to Tromso20 km12 miles
Tromso to Trondheim787 km489 miles
Trondheim to Vest-Agder593 km368 miles
Vest-Agder to Vestfold206 km128 miles