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Distance Between Nicaragua Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Nicaragua

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Atlantico Norte (RAAN) to Atlantico Sur184 km114 miles
Atlantico Sur to Bluefields42 km26 miles
Bluefields to Boaco198 km123 miles
Boaco to Carazo114 km71 miles
Carazo to Chinandega163 km101 miles
Chinandega to Chontales237 km147 miles
Chontales to Esteli180 km112 miles
Esteli to Granada135 km84 miles
Granada to Jinotega128 km80 miles
Jinotega to Jinotepe139 km86 miles
Jinotepe to Juigalpa95 km59 miles
Juigalpa to Leon168 km104 miles
Leon to Madriz124 km77 miles
Madriz to Managua153 km95 miles
Managua to Masaya23 km14 miles
Masaya to Matagalpa108 km67 miles
Matagalpa to Nueva Segovia96 km60 miles
Nueva Segovia to Ocotal53 km33 miles
Ocotal to Puerto Cabezas336 km209 miles
Puerto Cabezas to Rio San Juan322 km200 miles
Rio San Juan to Rivas100 km62 miles
Rivas to Somoto251 km156 miles