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Distance Between Namibia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Namibia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Erongo to Gobabis367 km228 miles
Gobabis to Hardap238 km148 miles
Hardap to Karas293 km182 miles
Karas to Katima Mulilo1,262 km784 miles
Katima Mulilo to Kavango East624 km388 miles
Kavango East to Kavango West0 km0 miles
Kavango West to Keetmanshoop925 km575 miles
Keetmanshoop to Khomas451 km280 miles
Khomas to Kunene488 km303 miles
Kunene to Ohangwena366 km227 miles
Ohangwena to Omaheke534 km332 miles
Omaheke to Omusati593 km368 miles
Omusati to Oshakati112 km70 miles
Oshakati to Oshana72 km45 miles
Oshana to Oshikoto129 km80 miles
Oshikoto to Otjiwarongo229 km142 miles
Otjiwarongo to Otjozondjupa107 km66 miles
Otjozondjupa to Rundu365 km227 miles
Rundu to Swakopmund759 km472 miles
Swakopmund to Windhoek262 km163 miles
Windhoek to Zambezi890 km553 miles