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Distance Between Myanmar Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Myanmar

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ayeyarwady to Bago136 km85 miles
Bago to Chin639 km397 miles
Chin to Dawei1,045 km649 miles
Dawei to Hakha1,069 km664 miles
Hakha to Hpa-an766 km476 miles
Hpa-an to Kachin997 km620 miles
Kachin to Kayah736 km457 miles
Kayah to Kayin265 km165 miles
Kayin to Loikaw314 km195 miles
Loikaw to Magway243 km151 miles
Magway to Mandalay233 km145 miles
Mandalay to Mawlamyine629 km391 miles
Mawlamyine to Mon70 km43 miles
Mon to Myitkyina926 km575 miles
Myitkyina to Nay Pyi Taw641 km398 miles
Nay Pyi Taw to Pathein361 km224 miles
Pathein to Rakhine346 km215 miles
Rakhine to Sagain311 km193 miles
Sagain to Sagaing5 km3 miles
Sagaing to Shan183 km114 miles
Shan to Sittwe499 km310 miles
Sittwe to Tanintharyi1,108 km688 miles
Tanintharyi to Taunggyi990 km615 miles
Taunggyi to Yangon445 km277 miles