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Distance Between Mozambique Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Mozambique

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Beira to Cabo Delgado962 km598 miles
Cabo Delgado to Chimoio979 km608 miles
Chimoio to Gaza441 km274 miles
Gaza to Inhambane290 km180 miles
Inhambane to Lichinga1,176 km731 miles
Lichinga to Manica715 km444 miles
Manica to Maputo715 km444 miles
Maputo to Maputo City0 km0 miles
Maputo City to Matola17 km11 miles
Matola to Nampula1,397 km868 miles
Nampula to Niassa388 km241 miles
Niassa to Pemba424 km263 miles
Pemba to Quelimane670 km416 miles
Quelimane to Sofala259 km161 miles
Sofala to Tete366 km227 miles
Tete to Xai-Xai992 km616 miles
Xai-Xai to Zambezia993 km617 miles