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Distance Between Montenegro Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Montenegro

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Andrijevica to Bar79 km49 miles
Bar to Berane92 km57 miles
Berane to Bijelo Polje24 km15 miles
Bijelo Polje to Budva112 km70 miles
Budva to Cetinje13 km8 miles
Cetinje to Danilovgrad24 km15 miles
Danilovgrad to Herceg Novi48 km30 miles
Herceg Novi to Herceg-Novi1 km1 miles
Herceg-Novi to Kotor19 km12 miles
Kotor to Mojkovac89 km55 miles
Mojkovac to Niksic56 km35 miles
Niksic to Opstina Niksic1 km1 miles
Opstina Niksic to Opstina Plav83 km52 miles
Opstina Plav to Opstina Rozaje33 km21 miles
Opstina Rozaje to Opstina Zabljak92 km57 miles
Opstina Zabljak to Pljevlja29 km18 miles
Pljevlja to Podgorica103 km64 miles
Podgorica to Tivat45 km28 miles
Tivat to Ulcinj70 km43 miles