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Distance Between Moldova Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Moldova

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Anenii Noi to Balti139 km86 miles
Balti to Basarabeasca177 km110 miles
Basarabeasca to Bender66 km41 miles
Bender to Briceni248 km154 miles
Briceni to Cahul287 km178 miles
Cahul to Calarasi151 km94 miles
Calarasi to Cantemir112 km70 miles
Cantemir to Causeni90 km56 miles
Causeni to Chisinau57 km35 miles
Chisinau to Cimislia54 km34 miles
Cimislia to Comrat27 km17 miles
Comrat to Criuleni108 km67 miles
Criuleni to Donduseni163 km101 miles
Donduseni to Drochia20 km12 miles
Drochia to Dubasari138 km86 miles
Dubasari to Edinet171 km106 miles
Edinet to Falesti74 km46 miles
Falesti to Floresti57 km35 miles
Floresti to Gagauzia198 km123 miles
Gagauzia to Glodeni205 km127 miles
Glodeni to Hincesti122 km76 miles
Hincesti to Laloveni34 km21 miles
Laloveni to Leova66 km41 miles
Leova to Nisporeni66 km41 miles
Nisporeni to Orhei60 km37 miles
Orhei to Raionul Edinet147 km91 miles
Raionul Edinet to Raionul Ocnita30 km19 miles
Raionul Ocnita to Raionul Soroca59 km37 miles
Raionul Soroca to Rezina71 km44 miles
Rezina to Riscani107 km66 miles
Riscani to Singerei52 km32 miles
Singerei to Soldanesti52 km32 miles
Soldanesti to Soroca53 km33 miles
Soroca to Stefan-Voda209 km130 miles
Stefan-Voda to Stinga Nistrului79 km49 miles
Stinga Nistrului to Straseni71 km44 miles
Straseni to Taraclia77 km48 miles
Taraclia to Telenesti123 km76 miles
Telenesti to Tiraspol122 km76 miles
Tiraspol to Ungheni147 km91 miles