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Distance Between Mauritius Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Mauritius

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Agalega Islands to Black River1,101 km684 miles
Black River to Cargados Carajos477 km296 miles
Cargados Carajos to Centre de Flacq444 km276 miles
Centre de Flacq to Flacq4 km2 miles
Flacq to Grand Port18 km11 miles
Grand Port to Moka25 km16 miles
Moka to Pamplemousses15 km9 miles
Pamplemousses to Plaines Wilhems24 km15 miles
Plaines Wilhems to Port Louis16 km10 miles
Port Louis to Riviere du Rempart22 km14 miles
Riviere du Rempart to Rodrigues601 km373 miles
Rodrigues to Savanne626 km389 miles