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Distance Between Mauritania Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Mauritania

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adrar to Aleg335 km208 miles
Aleg to Assaba257 km160 miles
Assaba to Atar446 km277 miles
Atar to Brakna366 km227 miles
Brakna to Dakhlet Nouadhibou495 km308 miles
Dakhlet Nouadhibou to Gorgol641 km398 miles
Gorgol to Guidimaka89 km55 miles
Guidimaka to Hodh ech Chargui668 km415 miles
Hodh ech Chargui to Hodh el Gharbi341 km212 miles
Hodh el Gharbi to Inchiri721 km448 miles
Inchiri to Kaedi476 km296 miles
Kaedi to Kiffa230 km143 miles
Kiffa to Nema442 km275 miles
Nema to Nouadhibou1,136 km706 miles
Nouadhibou to Nouakchott337 km209 miles
Nouakchott to Rosso174 km108 miles
Rosso to Selibabi416 km258 miles
Selibabi to Tagant448 km278 miles
Tagant to Tiris Zemmour671 km417 miles
Tiris Zemmour to Trarza894 km556 miles
Trarza to Zouerat587 km365 miles