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Distance Between Marshall Islands Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Marshall Islands

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ailinginae Atoll to Ailinglaplap Atoll488 km303 miles
Ailinglaplap Atoll to Ailuk Atoll344 km214 miles
Ailuk Atoll to Arno Atoll407 km253 miles
Arno Atoll to Aur Atoll148 km92 miles
Aur Atoll to Bikar Atoll455 km283 miles
Bikar Atoll to Bikini Atoll520 km323 miles
Bikini Atoll to Bokak Atoll510 km317 miles
Bokak Atoll to Ebon Atoll1,103 km685 miles
Ebon Atoll to Enewetak Atoll1,047 km651 miles
Enewetak Atoll to Erikub Atoll897 km557 miles
Erikub Atoll to Jabat Island191 km119 miles
Jabat Island to Jaluit Atoll203 km126 miles
Jaluit Atoll to Jemo Island457 km284 miles
Jemo Island to Kili Island500 km311 miles
Kili Island to Kwajalein Atoll437 km272 miles
Kwajalein Atoll to Lae Atoll133 km83 miles
Lae Atoll to Lib Island146 km91 miles
Lib Island to Likiep Atoll261 km162 miles
Likiep Atoll to Majuro Atoll385 km239 miles
Majuro Atoll to Majuro22 km14 miles
Majuro to Maloelap Atoll191 km119 miles
Maloelap Atoll to Mejit Island170 km106 miles
Mejit Island to Mili Atoll476 km296 miles
Mili Atoll to Namdrik Atoll423 km263 miles
Namdrik Atoll to Namu Atoll254 km158 miles
Namu Atoll to Rongelap Atoll413 km257 miles
Rongelap Atoll to Rongrik Atoll78 km48 miles
Rongrik Atoll to Taka Atoll239 km149 miles
Taka Atoll to Ujae Atoll494 km307 miles
Ujae Atoll to Ujelang518 km322 miles
Ujelang to Utrik Atoll979 km608 miles
Utrik Atoll to Wotho Atoll437 km272 miles
Wotho Atoll to Wotje Atoll452 km281 miles