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Distance Between Macedonia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Macedonia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aerodrom to Aracinovo9 km6 miles
Aracinovo to Berovo113 km70 miles
Berovo to Bitola148 km92 miles
Bitola to Bogdanci106 km66 miles
Bogdanci to Bogovinje160 km99 miles
Bogovinje to Bosilovo160 km99 miles
Bosilovo to Brvenica157 km98 miles
Brvenica to Butel42 km26 miles
Butel to Cair11 km7 miles
Cair to Caska47 km29 miles
Caska to Centar47 km29 miles
Centar to Centar Zupa92 km57 miles
Centar Zupa to Cesinovo-Oblesevo148 km92 miles
Cesinovo-Oblesevo to Cucer-Sandevo77 km48 miles
Cucer-Sandevo to Debar96 km60 miles
Debar to Debarca91 km57 miles
Debarca to Delcevo112 km70 miles
Delcevo to Demir Hisar155 km96 miles
Demir Hisar to Demir Kapija89 km55 miles
Demir Kapija to Dojran42 km26 miles
Dojran to Dolneni105 km65 miles
Dolneni to Drugovo44 km27 miles
Drugovo to Gazi Baba77 km48 miles
Gazi Baba to Gevgelija130 km81 miles
Gevgelija to Gostivar151 km94 miles
Gostivar to Gradsko90 km56 miles
Gradsko to Ilinden56 km35 miles
Ilinden to Jegunovce38 km24 miles
Jegunovce to Karbinci96 km60 miles
Karbinci to Karpos56 km35 miles
Karpos to Kavadarci84 km52 miles
Kavadarci to Kicevo88 km55 miles
Kicevo to Kisela Voda64 km40 miles
Kisela Voda to Kocani76 km47 miles
Kocani to Kochani0 km0 miles
Kochani to Konce47 km29 miles
Konce to Kratovo67 km42 miles
Kratovo to Kriva Palanka19 km12 miles
Kriva Palanka to Krivogastani127 km79 miles
Krivogastani to Krusevo8 km5 miles
Krusevo to Kumanovo93 km58 miles
Kumanovo to Lipkovo12 km7 miles
Lipkovo to Lozovo49 km30 miles
Lozovo to Makedonska Kamenica63 km39 miles
Makedonska Kamenica to Makedonski Brod127 km79 miles
Makedonski Brod to Mogila47 km29 miles
Mogila to Negotino74 km46 miles
Negotino to Novaci73 km45 miles
Novaci to Novo Selo126 km78 miles
Novo Selo to Ohrid177 km110 miles
Ohrid to Opstina Gjorce Petrov45 km28 miles
Opstina Gjorce Petrov to Opstina Lipkovo74 km46 miles
Opstina Lipkovo to Opstina Rankovce49 km30 miles
Opstina Rankovce to Opstina Rostusa135 km84 miles
Opstina Rostusa to Oslomej30 km19 miles
Oslomej to Pehcevo156 km97 miles
Pehcevo to Petrovec108 km67 miles
Petrovec to Plasnica68 km42 miles
Plasnica to Prilep39 km24 miles
Prilep to Probistip90 km56 miles
Probistip to Radovis46 km29 miles
Radovis to Radovish0 km0 miles
Radovish to Resen136 km85 miles
Resen to Rosoman85 km53 miles
Rosoman to Saraj68 km42 miles
Saraj to Shtip52 km32 miles
Shtip to Skopje69 km43 miles
Skopje to Sopiste5 km3 miles
Sopiste to Staro Nagoricane44 km27 miles
Staro Nagoricane to Stip59 km37 miles
Stip to Struga142 km88 miles
Struga to Strumica167 km104 miles
Strumica to Studenicani107 km66 miles
Studenicani to Studenichani1 km1 miles
Studenichani to Suto Orizare16 km10 miles
Suto Orizare to Suto Orizari2 km1 miles
Suto Orizari to Sveti Nikole47 km29 miles
Sveti Nikole to Tearce80 km50 miles
Tearce to Tetovo12 km7 miles
Tetovo to Valandovo153 km95 miles
Valandovo to Vasilevo24 km15 miles
Vasilevo to Veles76 km47 miles
Veles to Vevcani112 km70 miles
Vevcani to Vinica175 km109 miles
Vinica to Vranestica132 km82 miles
Vranestica to Vrapciste45 km28 miles
Vrapciste to Zajas26 km16 miles
Zajas to Zelenikovo60 km37 miles
Zelenikovo to Zelino44 km27 miles
Zelino to Zhelino0 km0 miles
Zhelino to Zrnovci113 km70 miles