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Distance Between Lithuania Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Lithuania

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alytaus Apskritis to Alytus23 km14 miles
Alytus to Kaunas56 km35 miles
Kaunas to Kauno Apskritis10 km6 miles
Kauno Apskritis to Klaipeda197 km122 miles
Klaipeda to Klaipedos Apskritis18 km11 miles
Klaipedos Apskritis to Marijampole174 km108 miles
Marijampole to Marijampoles Apskritis28 km17 miles
Marijampoles Apskritis to Panevezys131 km81 miles
Panevezys to Siauliai69 km43 miles
Siauliai to Siauliu Apskritis13 km8 miles
Siauliu Apskritis to Taurage99 km62 miles
Taurage to Taurages Apskritis7 km4 miles
Taurages Apskritis to Telsiai75 km47 miles
Telsiai to Telsiu Apskritis16 km10 miles
Telsiu Apskritis to Utena228 km142 miles
Utena to Utenos Apskritis13 km8 miles
Utenos Apskritis to Vilnius County88 km55 miles
Vilnius County to Vilnius14 km9 miles