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Distance Between Libya Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Libya

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ajdabiya to Al Bayda'266 km165 miles
Al Bayda' to Al Jabal al Akhdar41 km25 miles
Al Jabal al Akhdar to Al Jufrah671 km417 miles
Al Jufrah to Al Khums578 km359 miles
Al Khums to Al Kufrah1,277 km793 miles
Al Kufrah to Al Marj1,027 km638 miles
Al Marj to Al Marqab630 km391 miles
Al Marqab to An Nuqat al Khams209 km130 miles
An Nuqat al Khams to Awbari684 km425 miles
Awbari to Az Zawiyah662 km411 miles
Az Zawiyah to Banghazi721 km448 miles
Banghazi to Benghazi11 km7 miles
Benghazi to Darnah251 km156 miles
Darnah to Gharyan904 km562 miles
Gharyan to Ghat848 km527 miles
Ghat to Hun736 km457 miles
Hun to Misratah364 km226 miles
Misratah to Murzuq721 km448 miles
Murzuq to Nalut721 km448 miles
Nalut to Sabha636 km395 miles
Sabha to Sha`biyat al Butnan961 km597 miles
Sha`biyat al Butnan to Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi1,056 km656 miles
Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi to Sha`biyat Ghat644 km400 miles
Sha`biyat Ghat to Sha`biyat Nalut772 km480 miles
Sha`biyat Nalut to Sirte537 km334 miles
Sirte to Surt3 km2 miles
Surt to Tobruk708 km440 miles
Tobruk to Tripoli1,015 km631 miles
Tripoli to Zuwarah104 km65 miles