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Distance Between Latvia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Latvia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adazi to Aglona194 km121 miles
Aglona to Aizkraukles Rajons121 km75 miles
Aizkraukles Rajons to Aizpute223 km139 miles
Aizpute to Akniste262 km163 miles
Akniste to Aloja186 km116 miles
Aloja to Alsunga217 km135 miles
Alsunga to Aluksnes Rajons334 km208 miles
Aluksnes Rajons to Amatas Novads118 km73 miles
Amatas Novads to Apes Novads105 km65 miles
Apes Novads to Auces Novads254 km158 miles
Auces Novads to Babite79 km49 miles
Babite to Baldone36 km22 miles
Baldone to Baltinava198 km123 miles
Baltinava to Balvu Rajons31 km19 miles
Balvu Rajons to Bauskas Rajons203 km126 miles
Bauskas Rajons to Beverina150 km93 miles
Beverina to Broceni206 km128 miles
Broceni to Burtnieki199 km124 miles
Burtnieki to Carnikava87 km54 miles
Carnikava to Cesis63 km39 miles
Cesis to Cesu Rajons1 km1 miles
Cesu Rajons to Cesvaine74 km46 miles
Cesvaine to Cibla103 km64 miles
Cibla to Dagda61 km38 miles
Dagda to Daugavpils67 km42 miles
Daugavpils to Dobeles Rajons218 km135 miles
Dobeles Rajons to Dundaga113 km70 miles
Dundaga to Durbe119 km74 miles
Durbe to Engure130 km81 miles
Engure to Ergli149 km93 miles
Ergli to Garkalne75 km47 miles
Garkalne to Grobina207 km129 miles
Grobina to Gulbenes Rajons347 km216 miles
Gulbenes Rajons to Ikskile142 km88 miles
Ikskile to Ilukste147 km91 miles
Ilukste to Incukalns160 km99 miles
Incukalns to Jaunjelgava59 km37 miles
Jaunjelgava to Jaunpiebalga85 km53 miles
Jaunpiebalga to Jaunpils190 km118 miles
Jaunpils to Jekabpils177 km110 miles
Jekabpils to Jekabpils Rajons0 km0 miles
Jekabpils Rajons to Jelgava133 km83 miles
Jelgava to Jelgavas Rajons0 km0 miles
Jelgavas Rajons to Jurmala34 km21 miles
Jurmala to Kandava52 km32 miles
Kandava to Karsava299 km186 miles
Karsava to Kegums181 km112 miles
Kegums to Kekava31 km19 miles
Kekava to Koceni103 km64 miles
Koceni to Koknese97 km60 miles
Koknese to Kraslavas Rajons136 km85 miles
Kraslavas Rajons to Krimulda207 km129 miles
Krimulda to Krustpils102 km63 miles
Krustpils to Kuldigas Rajons244 km152 miles
Kuldigas Rajons to Lielvarde176 km109 miles
Lielvarde to Liepaja234 km145 miles
Liepaja to Ligatne258 km160 miles
Ligatne to Limbazu Rajons61 km38 miles
Limbazu Rajons to Livani144 km89 miles
Livani to Lubana69 km43 miles
Lubana to Ludzas Rajons72 km45 miles
Ludzas Rajons to Madonas Rajons97 km60 miles
Madonas Rajons to Malpils79 km49 miles
Malpils to Marupe57 km35 miles
Marupe to Mazsalaca122 km76 miles
Mazsalaca to Mesraga130 km81 miles
Mesraga to Naukseni153 km95 miles
Naukseni to Nereta188 km117 miles
Nereta to Nica263 km163 miles
Nica to Ogre223 km139 miles
Ogre to Olaine41 km25 miles
Olaine to Ozolnieku15 km9 miles
Ozolnieku to Pargaujas113 km70 miles
Pargaujas to Pavilostas268 km167 miles
Pavilostas to Plavinu296 km184 miles
Plavinu to Preilu Rajons90 km56 miles
Preilu Rajons to Priekule352 km219 miles
Priekule to Priekuli248 km154 miles
Priekuli to Raunas42 km26 miles
Raunas to Rezekne111 km69 miles
Rezekne to Rezeknes Rajons0 km0 miles
Rezeknes Rajons to Riebinu38 km24 miles
Riebinu to Riga178 km111 miles
Riga to Rojas23 km14 miles
Rojas to Ropazu28 km17 miles
Ropazu to Rucavas10 km6 miles
Rucavas to Rugaju163 km101 miles
Rugaju to Rujienas106 km66 miles
Rujienas to Rundales195 km121 miles
Rundales to Salacgrivas151 km94 miles
Salacgrivas to Salas153 km95 miles
Salas to Salaspils116 km72 miles
Salaspils to Saldus Rajons115 km71 miles
Saldus Rajons to Saulkrastu134 km83 miles
Saulkrastu to Seja13 km8 miles
Seja to Sigulda17 km11 miles
Sigulda to Skriveri59 km37 miles
Skriveri to Skrunda190 km118 miles
Skrunda to Smiltene250 km155 miles