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Distance Between Laos Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Laos

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Attapu to Bokeo901 km560 miles
Bokeo to Bolikhamxai445 km277 miles
Bolikhamxai to Champasak420 km261 miles
Champasak to Houaphan631 km392 miles
Houaphan to Khammouan321 km199 miles
Khammouan to Louangphabang384 km239 miles
Louangphabang to Loungnamtha161 km100 miles
Loungnamtha to Muang Pakxan372 km231 miles
Muang Pakxan to Muang Phonsavan127 km79 miles
Muang Phonsavan to Muang Xay189 km117 miles
Muang Xay to Oudomxai24 km15 miles
Oudomxai to Pakxe727 km452 miles
Pakxe to Phongsali811 km504 miles
Phongsali to Salavan768 km477 miles
Salavan to Savannahkhet179 km111 miles
Savannahkhet to Savannakhet2 km1 miles
Savannakhet to Thakhek94 km58 miles
Thakhek to Vientiane241 km150 miles
Vientiane to Xam Nua309 km192 miles
Xam Nua to Xekong631 km392 miles
Xekong to Xiagnabouli711 km442 miles
Xiagnabouli to Xiangkhoang232 km144 miles