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Distance Between Kosovo Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Kosovo

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Decan to Dragash65 km40 miles
Dragash to Ferizaj56 km35 miles
Ferizaj to Gjakove60 km37 miles
Gjakove to Gjilan86 km53 miles
Gjilan to Glogovac51 km32 miles
Glogovac to Hani i Elezit63 km39 miles
Hani i Elezit to Istok97 km60 miles
Istok to Kamenica91 km57 miles
Kamenica to Komuna e Decanit92 km57 miles
Komuna e Decanit to Komuna e Drenasit41 km25 miles
Komuna e Drenasit to Komuna e Ferizajt35 km22 miles
Komuna e Ferizajt to Komuna e Gjakoves56 km35 miles
Komuna e Gjakoves to Komuna e Gjilanit63 km39 miles
Komuna e Gjilanit to Komuna e Gracanices7 km4 miles
Komuna e Gracanices to Komuna e Istogut55 km34 miles
Komuna e Istogut to Komuna e Junikut41 km25 miles
Komuna e Junikut to Komuna e Kacanikut85 km53 miles
Komuna e Kacanikut to Komuna e Klines74 km46 miles
Komuna e Klines to Komuna e Kllokotit68 km42 miles
Komuna e Kllokotit to Komuna e Leposaviqit94 km58 miles
Komuna e Leposaviqit to Komuna e Malisheves69 km43 miles
Komuna e Malisheves to Komuna e Mamushes56 km35 miles
Komuna e Mamushes to Komuna e Mitrovices0 km0 miles
Komuna e Mitrovices to Komuna e Obiliqit25 km16 miles
Komuna e Obiliqit to Komuna e Parteshit75 km47 miles
Komuna e Parteshit to Komuna e Pejes100 km62 miles
Komuna e Pejes to Komuna e Prishtines72 km45 miles
Komuna e Prishtines to Komuna e Ranillugut40 km25 miles
Komuna e Ranillugut to Komuna e Shtimes48 km30 miles
Komuna e Shtimes to Komuna e Therandes27 km17 miles
Komuna e Therandes to Komuna e Vitise41 km25 miles
Komuna e Vitise to Kosovo Polje41 km25 miles
Kosovo Polje to Leposaviq57 km35 miles
Leposaviq to Lipjan69 km43 miles
Lipjan to Mitrovice45 km28 miles
Mitrovice to Novo Brdo56 km35 miles
Novo Brdo to Opstina Strpce53 km33 miles
Opstina Strpce to Opstina Zvecan76 km47 miles
Opstina Zvecan to Orahovac59 km37 miles
Orahovac to Peje42 km26 miles
Peje to Podujeva79 km49 miles
Podujeva to Podujevo0 km0 miles
Podujevo to Pristina27 km17 miles
Pristina to Prizren62 km39 miles
Prizren to Shtime34 km21 miles
Shtime to Suva Reka19 km12 miles
Suva Reka to Vitina44 km27 miles
Vitina to Vushtrri65 km40 miles
Vushtrri to Zvecan14 km9 miles