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Distance Between Jordan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Jordan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ajlun to 'Ajlun10 km6 miles
'Ajlun to Amman46 km29 miles
Amman to Aqaba284 km176 miles
Aqaba to As Salt287 km178 miles
As Salt to At Tafilah134 km83 miles
At Tafilah to Balqa137 km85 miles
Balqa to Irbid55 km34 miles
Irbid to Jarash30 km19 miles
Jarash to Jerash1 km1 miles
Jerash to Karak124 km77 miles
Karak to Karak City0 km0 miles
Karak City to Ma'an108 km67 miles
Ma'an to Madaba170 km106 miles
Madaba to Mafraq250 km155 miles
Mafraq to Tafielah315 km196 miles
Tafielah to Zarqa163 km101 miles