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Distance Between Japan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Japan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aichi to Akita578 km359 miles
Akita to Akita Shi0 km0 miles
Akita Shi to Aomori134 km83 miles
Aomori to Aomori Shi1 km1 miles
Aomori Shi to Chiba583 km362 miles
Chiba to Ehime699 km434 miles
Ehime to Fukui400 km249 miles
Fukui to Fukui-shi0 km0 miles
Fukui-shi to Fukuoka598 km372 miles
Fukuoka to Fukuoka-shi2 km1 miles
Fukuoka-shi to Fukushima1,017 km632 miles
Fukushima to Fukushima-shi0 km0 miles
Fukushima-shi to Gifu425 km264 miles
Gifu to Gifu-shi5 km3 miles
Gifu-shi to Gunma233 km145 miles
Gunma to Hiroshima639 km397 miles
Hiroshima to Hiroshima-shi1 km1 miles
Hiroshima-shi to Hokkaido1,233 km766 miles
Hokkaido to Hyogo1,072 km666 miles
Hyogo to Ibaraki510 km317 miles
Ibaraki to Ishikawa343 km213 miles
Ishikawa to Iwate525 km326 miles
Iwate to Kagawa868 km539 miles
Kagawa to Kagoshima446 km277 miles
Kagoshima to Kagoshima-shi4 km2 miles
Kagoshima-shi to Kanagawa946 km588 miles
Kanagawa to Kanazawa-shi300 km186 miles
Kanazawa-shi to Kobe249 km155 miles
Kobe to Kochi197 km122 miles
Kochi to Kochi-shi0 km0 miles
Kochi-shi to Kofu-shi517 km321 miles
Kofu-shi to Kumamoto789 km490 miles
Kumamoto to Kyoto528 km328 miles
Kyoto to Maebashi-shi335 km208 miles
Maebashi-shi to Matsue-shi551 km342 miles
Matsue-shi to Matsuyama183 km114 miles
Matsuyama to Mie358 km222 miles
Mie to Mito-shi399 km248 miles
Mito-shi to Miyagi218 km135 miles
Miyagi to Miyazaki1,112 km691 miles
Miyazaki to Miyazaki-shi1 km1 miles
Miyazaki-shi to Morioka-shi1,232 km766 miles
Morioka-shi to Nagano427 km265 miles
Nagano to Nagano-shi0 km0 miles
Nagano-shi to Nagasaki874 km543 miles
Nagasaki to Nagasaki-shi1 km1 miles
Nagasaki-shi to Nagoya-shi703 km437 miles
Nagoya-shi to Naha-shi1,330 km826 miles
Naha-shi to Nara1,221 km759 miles
Nara to Nara-shi0 km0 miles
Nara-shi to Niigata461 km286 miles
Niigata to Niigata-shi2 km1 miles
Niigata-shi to Oita847 km526 miles
Oita to Okayama265 km165 miles
Okayama to Okayama-shi2 km1 miles
Okayama-shi to Okinawa1,114 km692 miles
Okinawa to Osaka1,204 km748 miles
Osaka to Osaka-shi0 km0 miles
Osaka-shi to Otsu-shi48 km30 miles
Otsu-shi to Saga Prefecture548 km341 miles
Saga Prefecture to Saga-shi0 km0 miles
Saga-shi to Saitama903 km561 miles
Saitama to Sapporo814 km506 miles
Sapporo to Sendai-shi535 km332 miles
Sendai-shi to Shiga Prefecture575 km357 miles
Shiga Prefecture to Shimane261 km162 miles
Shimane to Shizuoka487 km303 miles
Shizuoka to Shizuoka-shi0 km0 miles
Shizuoka-shi to Takamatsu-shi403 km250 miles
Takamatsu-shi to Tochigi584 km363 miles
Tochigi to Tokushima557 km346 miles
Tokushima to Tokushima-shi0 km0 miles
Tokushima-shi to Tokyo502 km312 miles
Tokyo to Tottori493 km306 miles
Tottori to Toyama298 km185 miles
Toyama to Toyama-shi0 km0 miles
Toyama-shi to Tsu-shi228 km142 miles
Tsu-shi to Utsunomiya-shi367 km228 miles
Utsunomiya-shi to Wakayama500 km311 miles
Wakayama to Wakayama-shi1 km1 miles
Wakayama-shi to Yamagata645 km401 miles
Yamagata to Yamagata-shi3 km2 miles
Yamagata-shi to Yamaguchi916 km569 miles
Yamaguchi to Yamaguchi-shi1 km1 miles
Yamaguchi-shi to Yamanashi667 km414 miles
Yamanashi to Yokohama100 km62 miles