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Distance Between Jamaica Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Jamaica

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Clarendon to Half Way Tree47 km29 miles
Half Way Tree to Hanover148 km92 miles
Hanover to Kingston149 km93 miles
Kingston to Manchester76 km47 miles
Manchester to Mandeville3 km2 miles
Mandeville to May Pen29 km18 miles
May Pen to Montego Bay91 km57 miles
Montego Bay to Portland165 km103 miles
Portland to Saint Andrew37 km23 miles
Saint Andrew to Saint Ann60 km37 miles
Saint Ann to Saint Catherine38 km24 miles
Saint Catherine to Saint James94 km58 miles
Saint James to Saint Mary95 km59 miles
Saint Mary to Saint Thomas68 km42 miles
Saint Thomas to Savanna-la-Mar182 km113 miles
Savanna-la-Mar to Spanish Town127 km79 miles
Spanish Town to St. Elizabeth79 km49 miles
St. Elizabeth to Trelawny32 km20 miles
Trelawny to Westmoreland58 km36 miles