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Distance Between Isle of Man Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Isle of Man

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Andreas to Arbory32 km20 miles
Arbory to Ballaugh27 km17 miles
Ballaugh to Braddan16 km10 miles
Braddan to Bride26 km16 miles
Bride to Castletown38 km24 miles
Castletown to Douglas14 km9 miles
Douglas to German1,435 km892 miles
German to Jurby1,453 km903 miles
Jurby to Laxey16 km10 miles
Laxey to Lezayre10 km6 miles
Lezayre to Lonan13 km8 miles
Lonan to Malew21 km13 miles
Malew to Marown13 km8 miles
Marown to Maughold20 km12 miles
Maughold to Michael26 km16 miles
Michael to Onchan16 km10 miles
Onchan to Patrick16 km10 miles
Patrick to Peel2 km1 miles
Peel to Port Erin16 km10 miles
Port Erin to Port St Mary2 km1 miles
Port St Mary to Ramsey35 km22 miles
Ramsey to Rushen33 km21 miles
Rushen to Santon33 km21 miles