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Distance Between Iraq Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Iraq

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ad Diwaniyah to Al `Amarah210 km130 miles
Al `Amarah to Al Basrah158 km98 miles
Al Basrah to Al Hillah386 km240 miles
Al Hillah to Al Kut131 km81 miles
Al Kut to Al Muthanna293 km182 miles
Al Muthanna to Al Qadisiyah237 km147 miles
Al Qadisiyah to An Najaf77 km48 miles
An Najaf to An Nasiriyah211 km131 miles
An Nasiriyah to Anbar443 km275 miles
Anbar to Arbil447 km278 miles
Arbil to As Samawah553 km344 miles
As Samawah to As Sulaymaniyah469 km291 miles
As Sulaymaniyah to Babil352 km219 miles
Babil to Baghdad98 km61 miles
Baghdad to Baqubah50 km31 miles
Baqubah to Dahuk401 km249 miles
Dahuk to Dhi Qar733 km455 miles
Dhi Qar to Dihok712 km442 miles
Dihok to Diyala396 km246 miles
Diyala to Erbil288 km179 miles
Erbil to Karbala398 km247 miles
Karbala to Kirkuk319 km198 miles
Kirkuk to Mayorality of Baghdad238 km148 miles
Mayorality of Baghdad to Maysan301 km187 miles
Maysan to Mosul619 km385 miles
Mosul to Muhafazat al Basrah749 km465 miles
Muhafazat al Basrah to Muhafazat Karbala'353 km219 miles
Muhafazat Karbala' to Muhafazat Kirkuk302 km188 miles
Muhafazat Kirkuk to Ninawa184 km114 miles
Ninawa to Ramadi327 km203 miles
Ramadi to Salah ad Din125 km78 miles
Salah ad Din to Tikrit20 km12 miles
Tikrit to Wasit295 km183 miles