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Distance Between Iran Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Iran

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ahvaz to Alborz560 km348 miles
Alborz to Arak240 km149 miles
Arak to Ardabil479 km298 miles
Ardabil to Azarbayjan-e Gharbi302 km188 miles
Azarbayjan-e Gharbi to Bandar 'Abbas1,556 km967 miles
Bandar 'Abbas to Bandar-e Bushehr569 km354 miles
Bandar-e Bushehr to Birjand909 km565 miles
Birjand to Bojnurd540 km336 miles
Bojnurd to Bushehr1,127 km700 miles
Bushehr to Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiari338 km210 miles
Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiari to East Azerbaijan781 km485 miles
East Azerbaijan to Fars1,162 km722 miles
Fars to Gilan949 km590 miles
Gilan to Golestan497 km309 miles
Golestan to Gorgan79 km49 miles
Gorgan to Hamadan580 km360 miles
Hamadan to Hormozgan1,060 km659 miles
Hormozgan to Ilam1,104 km686 miles
Ilam to Isfahan500 km311 miles
Isfahan to Karaj359 km223 miles
Karaj to Kerman838 km521 miles
Kerman to Kermanshah1,042 km647 miles
Kermanshah to Khorasan-e Jonubi1,134 km705 miles
Khorasan-e Jonubi to Khorasan-e Shomali580 km360 miles
Khorasan-e Shomali to Khorramabad907 km564 miles
Khorramabad to Khuzestan237 km147 miles
Khuzestan to Kohgiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad189 km117 miles
Kohgiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad to Kordestan676 km420 miles
Kordestan to Lorestan288 km179 miles
Lorestan to Markazi176 km109 miles
Markazi to Mashhad899 km559 miles
Mashhad to Mazandaran631 km392 miles
Mazandaran to Orumiyeh679 km422 miles
Orumiyeh to Qazvin460 km286 miles
Qazvin to Qom198 km123 miles
Qom to Rasht316 km196 miles
Rasht to Razavi Khorasan888 km552 miles
Razavi Khorasan to Sanandaj1,099 km683 miles
Sanandaj to Sari563 km350 miles
Sari to Semnan114 km71 miles
Semnan to Shahrekord430 km267 miles
Shahrekord to Shiraz341 km212 miles
Shiraz to Sistan and Baluchestan819 km509 miles
Sistan and Baluchestan to Tabriz1,774 km1,102 miles
Tabriz to Tehran528 km328 miles
Tehran to Yasuj559 km347 miles
Yasuj to Yazd296 km184 miles
Yazd to Zahedan677 km421 miles
Zahedan to Zanjan1,400 km870 miles