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Distance Between India Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in India

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Agartala to Aizawl147 km91 miles
Aizawl to Andaman and Nicobar Islands1,333 km828 miles
Andaman and Nicobar Islands to Andhra Pradesh1,470 km913 miles
Andhra Pradesh to Arunachal Pradesh2,060 km1,280 miles
Arunachal Pradesh to Assam286 km178 miles
Assam to Bangalore2,175 km1,351 miles
Bangalore to Bhopal1,144 km711 miles
Bhopal to Bhubaneshwar931 km578 miles
Bhubaneshwar to Bihar539 km335 miles
Bihar to Chandigarh1,046 km650 miles
Chandigarh to Chennai1,995 km1,240 miles
Chennai to Chhattisgarh926 km575 miles
Chhattisgarh to Dadra and Nagar Haveli928 km577 miles
Dadra and Nagar Haveli to Daman and Diu33 km21 miles
Daman and Diu to Daman2 km1 miles
Daman to Dehradun1,219 km757 miles
Dehradun to Delhi201 km125 miles
Delhi to Gangtok1,127 km700 miles
Gangtok to Ghandinagar1,664 km1,034 miles
Ghandinagar to Goa893 km555 miles
Goa to Gujarat833 km518 miles
Gujarat to Haryana901 km560 miles
Haryana to Himachal Pradesh326 km203 miles
Himachal Pradesh to Hyderabad1,612 km1,002 miles
Hyderabad to Imphal1,804 km1,121 miles
Imphal to Itanagar256 km159 miles
Itanagar to Jaipur1,764 km1,096 miles
Jaipur to Jharkhand1,023 km636 miles
Jharkhand to Karnataka1,361 km846 miles
Karnataka to Kashmir2,097 km1,303 miles
Kashmir to Kerala2,591 km1,610 miles
Kerala to Kohima2,497 km1,552 miles
Kohima to Kolkata678 km421 miles
Kolkata to Laccadives1,903 km1,182 miles
Laccadives to Lucknow1,939 km1,205 miles
Lucknow to Madhya Pradesh487 km303 miles
Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra470 km292 miles
Maharashtra to Manipur1,949 km1,211 miles
Manipur to Meghalaya271 km168 miles
Meghalaya to Mizoram301 km187 miles
Mizoram to Mumbai2,127 km1,322 miles
Mumbai to Nagaland2,357 km1,465 miles
Nagaland to NCT1,919 km1,192 miles
NCT to New Delhi1,259 km782 miles
New Delhi to Odisha1,166 km725 miles
Odisha to Panaji1,336 km830 miles
Panaji to Patna1,625 km1,010 miles
Patna to Pondicherry1,621 km1,007 miles
Pondicherry to Port Blair1,408 km875 miles
Port Blair to Puducherry1,406 km874 miles
Puducherry to Punjab2,186 km1,358 miles
Punjab to Raipur1,268 km788 miles
Raipur to Rajasthan990 km615 miles
Rajasthan to Ranchi1,191 km740 miles
Ranchi to Shillong707 km439 miles
Shillong to Shimla1,565 km972 miles
Shimla to Sikkim1,169 km726 miles
Sikkim to Silvassa1,770 km1,100 miles
Silvassa to Srinagar1,546 km961 miles
Srinagar to Tamil Nadu2,583 km1,605 miles
Tamil Nadu to Telangana778 km483 miles
Telangana to Thiruvananthapuram1,094 km680 miles
Thiruvananthapuram to Tripura2,348 km1,459 miles
Tripura to Uttar Pradesh1,257 km781 miles
Uttar Pradesh to Uttarakhand297 km185 miles
Uttarakhand to West Bengal1,179 km733 miles