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Distance Between Honduras Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Honduras

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Atlantida to Bay Islands103 km64 miles
Bay Islands to Choluteca345 km214 miles
Choluteca to Ciudad Choluteca4 km2 miles
Ciudad Choluteca to Colon327 km203 miles
Colon to Comayagua271 km168 miles
Comayagua to Copan141 km88 miles
Copan to Cortes117 km73 miles
Cortes to El Paraiso227 km141 miles
El Paraiso to Francisco Morazan81 km50 miles
Francisco Morazan to Gracias a Dios282 km175 miles
Gracias a Dios to Intibuca399 km248 miles
Intibuca to Juticalpa213 km132 miles
Juticalpa to La Ceiba136 km85 miles
La Ceiba to La Paz232 km144 miles
La Paz to Lempira70 km43 miles
Lempira to Ocotepeque65 km40 miles
Ocotepeque to Olancho355 km221 miles
Olancho to San Pedro Sula254 km158 miles
San Pedro Sula to Santa Barbara59 km37 miles
Santa Barbara to Santa Rosa de Copan56 km35 miles
Santa Rosa de Copan to Tegucigalpa186 km116 miles
Tegucigalpa to Valle69 km43 miles
Valle to Yoro197 km122 miles