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Distance Between Haiti Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Haiti

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Artibonite to Centre60 km37 miles
Centre to Gonayiv87 km54 miles
Gonayiv to Grandans177 km110 miles
Grandans to Hinche227 km141 miles
Hinche to Jacmel116 km72 miles
Jacmel to Jeremie173 km107 miles
Jeremie to Les Cayes64 km40 miles
Les Cayes to Miragoane75 km47 miles
Miragoane to Nippes35 km22 miles
Nippes to Nord-Est204 km127 miles
Nord-Est to Nord36 km22 miles
Nord to Nord-Ouest94 km58 miles
Nord-Ouest to Okap89 km55 miles
Okap to Ouest143 km89 miles
Ouest to Port-au-Prince15 km9 miles
Port-au-Prince to Port-de-Paix164 km102 miles
Port-de-Paix to Sud201 km125 miles
Sud to Sud-Est142 km88 miles