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Distance Between Guatemala Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Guatemala

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alta Verapaz to Antigua Guatemala131 km81 miles
Antigua Guatemala to Baja Verapaz67 km42 miles
Baja Verapaz to Chimaltenango64 km40 miles
Chimaltenango to Chiquimula139 km86 miles
Chiquimula to Coban118 km73 miles
Coban to Cuilapa133 km83 miles
Cuilapa to El Progreso72 km45 miles
El Progreso to Escuintla104 km65 miles
Escuintla to Flores307 km191 miles
Flores to Guatemala City262 km163 miles
Guatemala City to Guatemala4 km2 miles
Guatemala to Huehuetenango128 km80 miles
Huehuetenango to Izabal251 km156 miles
Izabal to Jalapa126 km78 miles
Jalapa to Jutiapa32 km20 miles
Jutiapa to Mazatenango176 km109 miles
Mazatenango to Peten294 km183 miles
Peten to Puerto Barrios225 km140 miles
Puerto Barrios to Quetzaltenango329 km204 miles
Quetzaltenango to Quiche94 km58 miles
Quiche to Retalhuleu131 km81 miles
Retalhuleu to Sacatepequez105 km65 miles
Sacatepequez to Salama69 km43 miles
Salama to San Marcos172 km107 miles
San Marcos to Santa Cruz del Quiche82 km51 miles
Santa Cruz del Quiche to Santa Rosa125 km78 miles
Santa Rosa to Solola109 km68 miles
Solola to Suchitepeque46 km29 miles
Suchitepeque to Totonicapan55 km34 miles
Totonicapan to Zacapa208 km129 miles