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Distance Between Finland Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Finland

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Central Finland to Central Ostrobothnia136 km85 miles
Central Ostrobothnia to Haeme264 km164 miles
Haeme to Haemeenlinna77 km48 miles
Haemeenlinna to Helsinki95 km59 miles
Helsinki to Joensuu373 km232 miles
Joensuu to Jyvaeskylae212 km132 miles
Jyvaeskylae to Kainuu281 km175 miles
Kainuu to Kajaani52 km32 miles
Kajaani to Kokkola228 km142 miles
Kokkola to Kouvola378 km235 miles
Kouvola to Kuopio231 km144 miles
Kuopio to Kymenlaakso238 km148 miles
Kymenlaakso to Lahti70 km43 miles
Lahti to Lapland773 km480 miles
Lapland to Lappeenranta767 km477 miles
Lappeenranta to Mikkeli85 km53 miles
Mikkeli to North Karelia194 km121 miles
North Karelia to Northern Ostrobothnia333 km207 miles
Northern Ostrobothnia to Northern Savo247 km153 miles
Northern Savo to Ostrobothnia257 km160 miles
Ostrobothnia to Oulu273 km170 miles
Oulu to Paijanne Tavastia410 km255 miles
Paijanne Tavastia to Pirkanmaa111 km69 miles
Pirkanmaa to Pori109 km68 miles
Pori to Rovaniemi590 km367 miles
Rovaniemi to Satakunta572 km355 miles
Satakunta to Seinaejoki138 km86 miles
Seinaejoki to South Karelia333 km207 miles
South Karelia to Southern Ostrobothnia313 km194 miles
Southern Ostrobothnia to Southern Savonia261 km162 miles
Southern Savonia to Tampere213 km132 miles
Tampere to Turku142 km88 miles
Turku to Uusimaa167 km104 miles
Uusimaa to Vaasa374 km232 miles
Vaasa to Varsinais-Suomi307 km191 miles