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Distance Between Estonia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Estonia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Harju to Hiiumaa158 km98 miles
Hiiumaa to Ida-Virumaa278 km173 miles
Ida-Virumaa to Jaervamaa117 km73 miles
Jaervamaa to Jogevamaa56 km35 miles
Jogevamaa to Laeaene68 km42 miles
Laeaene to Laeaene-Virumaa0 km0 miles
Laeaene-Virumaa to Paernumaa132 km82 miles
Paernumaa to Parnu15 km9 miles
Parnu to Polvamaa161 km100 miles
Polvamaa to Rakvere145 km90 miles
Rakvere to Raplamaa108 km67 miles
Raplamaa to Saare105 km65 miles
Saare to Tallinn117 km73 miles
Tallinn to Tartu164 km102 miles
Tartu to Valgamaa62 km39 miles
Valgamaa to Viljandi61 km38 miles
Viljandi to Viljandimaa9 km6 miles
Viljandimaa to Vorumaa92 km57 miles