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Distance Between Eritrea Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Eritrea

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Anseba to Asmara174 km108 miles
Asmara to Assab485 km301 miles
Assab to Barentu602 km374 miles
Barentu to Debub169 km105 miles
Debub to Gash Barka170 km106 miles
Gash Barka to Keren96 km60 miles
Keren to Maekel Region64 km40 miles
Maekel Region to Massawa71 km44 miles
Massawa to Mendefera107 km66 miles
Mendefera to Northern Red Sea Region152 km94 miles
Northern Red Sea Region to Southern Red Sea Region439 km273 miles