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Distance Between El Salvador Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in El Salvador

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ahuachapan to Cabanas118 km73 miles
Cabanas to Chalatenango24 km15 miles
Chalatenango to Cojutepeque33 km21 miles
Cojutepeque to Cuscatlan21 km13 miles
Cuscatlan to La Libertad39 km24 miles
La Libertad to La Paz46 km29 miles
La Paz to La Union124 km77 miles
La Union to Morazan57 km35 miles
Morazan to San Francisco8 km5 miles
San Francisco to San Miguel32 km20 miles
San Miguel to San Salvador109 km68 miles
San Salvador to San Vicente52 km32 miles
San Vicente to Santa Ana98 km61 miles
Santa Ana to Santa Tecla45 km28 miles
Santa Tecla to Sensuntepeque73 km45 miles
Sensuntepeque to Sonsonate113 km70 miles
Sonsonate to Usulutan137 km85 miles
Usulutan to Zacatecoluca49 km30 miles