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Distance Between Egypt Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Egypt

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Al Buhayrah to Al Fayyum178 km111 miles
Al Fayyum to Al Isma'iliyah199 km124 miles
Al Isma'iliyah to Al Jizah121 km75 miles
Al Jizah to Al Kharijah511 km318 miles
Al Kharijah to Al Mansurah626 km389 miles
Al Mansurah to Al Minya333 km207 miles
Al Minya to Alexandria356 km221 miles
Alexandria to Arish369 km229 miles
Arish to As Suways176 km109 miles
As Suways to Aswan655 km407 miles
Aswan to Asyut384 km239 miles
Asyut to Banha365 km227 miles
Banha to Bani Suwayf154 km96 miles
Bani Suwayf to Cairo111 km69 miles
Cairo to Damanhur131 km81 miles
Damanhur to Damietta135 km84 miles
Damietta to Dumyat0 km0 miles
Dumyat to Hurghada501 km311 miles
Hurghada to Ismailia401 km249 miles
Ismailia to Kafr ash Shaykh160 km99 miles
Kafr ash Shaykh to Luxor650 km404 miles
Luxor to Mersa Matruh822 km511 miles
Mersa Matruh to Muhafazat ad Daqahliyah406 km252 miles
Muhafazat ad Daqahliyah to Muhafazat al Fayyum207 km129 miles
Muhafazat al Fayyum to Muhafazat al Gharbiyah429 km267 miles
Muhafazat al Gharbiyah to Muhafazat al Minufiyah454 km282 miles
Muhafazat al Minufiyah to Muhafazat al Qahirah75 km47 miles
Muhafazat al Qahirah to Muhafazat al Qalyubiyah39 km24 miles
Muhafazat al Qalyubiyah to Muhafazat al Wadi al Jadid757 km470 miles
Muhafazat al Wadi al Jadid to Muhafazat Bani Suwayf591 km367 miles
Muhafazat Bani Suwayf to Muhafazat Bur Sa`id291 km181 miles
Muhafazat Bur Sa`id to Muhafazat Matruh585 km364 miles
Muhafazat Matruh to Muhafazat Shamal Sina'702 km436 miles
Muhafazat Shamal Sina' to Port Said146 km91 miles
Port Said to Qina569 km354 miles
Qina to Red Sea159 km99 miles
Red Sea to Shibin al Kawm665 km413 miles
Shibin al Kawm to Sohag449 km279 miles
Sohag to South Sinai390 km242 miles
South Sinai to Suez174 km108 miles
Suez to Suhaj393 km244 miles
Suhaj to Tanda482 km300 miles
Tanda to Zagazig53 km33 miles