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Distance Between Ecuador Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Ecuador

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Ambato to Azogues168 km104 miles
Azogues to Azuay38 km24 miles
Azuay to Babahoyo137 km85 miles
Babahoyo to Bolivar54 km34 miles
Bolivar to Canar111 km69 miles
Canar to Carchi372 km231 miles
Carchi to Chimborazo253 km157 miles
Chimborazo to Cotopaxi74 km46 miles
Cotopaxi to Cuenca232 km144 miles
Cuenca to El Oro110 km68 miles
El Oro to Esmeraldas491 km305 miles
Esmeraldas to Galapagos1,276 km793 miles
Galapagos to Guaranda1,335 km830 miles
Guaranda to Guayaquil122 km76 miles
Guayaquil to Guayas28 km17 miles
Guayas to Ibarra325 km202 miles
Ibarra to Imbabura29 km18 miles
Imbabura to Latacunga147 km91 miles
Latacunga to Loja345 km214 miles
Loja to Los Rios287 km178 miles
Los Rios to Macas181 km112 miles
Macas to Machala231 km144 miles
Machala to Manabi280 km174 miles
Manabi to Morona-Santiago285 km177 miles
Morona-Santiago to Napo203 km126 miles
Napo to Nueva Loja163 km101 miles
Nueva Loja to Orellana93 km58 miles
Orellana to Pastaza104 km65 miles
Pastaza to Pichincha232 km144 miles
Pichincha to Portoviejo242 km150 miles
Portoviejo to Puerto Francisco de Orellana391 km243 miles
Puerto Francisco de Orellana to Puyo160 km99 miles
Puyo to Quito151 km94 miles
Quito to Riobamba161 km100 miles
Riobamba to Santa Elena219 km136 miles
Santa Elena to Santo Domingo de los Colorados264 km164 miles
Santo Domingo de los Colorados to Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas13 km8 miles
Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas to Sucumbios336 km209 miles
Sucumbios to Tena196 km122 miles
Tena to Tulcan201 km125 miles
Tulcan to Tungurahua249 km155 miles
Tungurahua to Zamora-Chinchipe323 km201 miles
Zamora-Chinchipe to Zamora16 km10 miles