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Distance Between East Timor Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in East Timor

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aileu to Ainaro35 km22 miles
Ainaro to Baucau119 km74 miles
Baucau to Bobonaro139 km86 miles
Bobonaro to Cova Lima27 km17 miles
Cova Lima to Dili85 km53 miles
Dili to Ermera28 km17 miles
Ermera to Lautem171 km106 miles
Lautem to Liquica184 km114 miles
Liquica to Lospalos192 km119 miles
Lospalos to Maliana203 km126 miles
Maliana to Manatuto86 km53 miles
Manatuto to Manufahi34 km21 miles
Manufahi to Oecusse172 km107 miles
Oecusse to Same153 km95 miles
Same to Suai55 km34 miles
Suai to Viqueque133 km83 miles