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Distance Between Democratic Republic of the Congo Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bandundu to Bas-Congo438 km272 miles
Bas-Congo to Bukavu1,684 km1,046 miles
Bukavu to Equateur1,005 km624 miles
Equateur to Goma1,020 km634 miles
Goma to Kananga890 km553 miles
Kananga to Kasai-Occidental89 km55 miles
Kasai-Occidental to Kasai-Oriental323 km201 miles
Kasai-Oriental to Katanga751 km467 miles
Katanga to Kindu663 km412 miles
Kindu to Kinshasa1,187 km738 miles
Kinshasa to Kisangani1,223 km760 miles
Kisangani to Lubumbashi1,377 km856 miles
Lubumbashi to Maniema968 km601 miles
Maniema to Matadi1,429 km888 miles
Matadi to Mbandaka842 km523 miles
Mbandaka to Mbuji-Mayi907 km564 miles
Mbuji-Mayi to Nord Kivu848 km527 miles
Nord Kivu to South Kivu260 km162 miles