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Distance Between Czech Republic Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Czech Republic

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Brno to Central Bohemia143 km89 miles
Central Bohemia to Ceske Budejovice106 km66 miles
Ceske Budejovice to Hradec Kralove169 km105 miles
Hradec Kralove to Jihlava92 km57 miles
Jihlava to Jihocesky97 km60 miles
Jihocesky to Karlovarsky181 km112 miles
Karlovarsky to Karlovy Vary13 km8 miles
Karlovy Vary to Kralovehradecky208 km129 miles
Kralovehradecky to Liberec70 km43 miles
Liberec to Liberecky24 km15 miles
Liberecky to Moravskoslezsky268 km167 miles
Moravskoslezsky to Olomouc72 km45 miles
Olomouc to Olomoucky14 km9 miles
Olomoucky to Ostrava88 km55 miles
Ostrava to Pardubice181 km112 miles
Pardubice to Pardubicky38 km24 miles
Pardubicky to Pilsen210 km130 miles
Pilsen to Plzensky37 km23 miles
Plzensky to Prague109 km68 miles
Prague to Praha2 km1 miles
Praha to South Moravian186 km116 miles
South Moravian to Ustecky258 km160 miles
Ustecky to Usti nad Labem18 km11 miles
Usti nad Labem to Vysocina177 km110 miles
Vysocina to Zlin149 km93 miles