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Distance Between Colombia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Colombia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Amazonas to Antioquia1,048 km651 miles
Antioquia to Arauca506 km314 miles
Arauca to Archipielago de San Andres, Providencia y Santa C1,346 km836 miles
Archipielago de San Andres, Providencia y Santa C to Armenia1,112 km691 miles
Armenia to Atlantico691 km429 miles
Atlantico to Barranquilla32 km20 miles
Barranquilla to Bogota711 km442 miles
Bogota to Bogota D.C.1 km1 miles
Bogota D.C. to Bolivar453 km281 miles
Bolivar to Boyaca359 km223 miles
Boyaca to Bucaramanga167 km104 miles
Bucaramanga to Caldas336 km209 miles
Caldas to Cali231 km144 miles
Cali to Caqueta413 km257 miles
Caqueta to Cartagena1,076 km669 miles
Cartagena to Casanare674 km419 miles
Casanare to Cauca719 km447 miles
Cauca to Cesar872 km542 miles
Cesar to Choco573 km356 miles
Choco to Cordoba365 km227 miles
Cordoba to Cucuta378 km235 miles
Cucuta to Cundinamarca361 km224 miles
Cundinamarca to Florencia418 km260 miles
Florencia to Guainia794 km493 miles
Guainia to Guaviare552 km343 miles
Guaviare to Huila301 km187 miles
Huila to Ibague214 km133 miles
Ibague to La Guajira825 km513 miles
La Guajira to Leticia1,755 km1,091 miles
Leticia to Magdalena1,700 km1,056 miles
Magdalena to Manizales607 km377 miles
Manizales to Medellin132 km82 miles
Medellin to Meta430 km267 miles
Meta to Mocoa460 km286 miles
Mocoa to Monteria849 km528 miles
Monteria to Narino845 km525 miles
Narino to Neiva294 km183 miles
Neiva to Norte de Santander617 km383 miles
Norte de Santander to Pasto892 km554 miles
Pasto to Pereira437 km272 miles
Pereira to Popayan283 km176 miles
Popayan to Putumayo253 km157 miles
Putumayo to Quibdo598 km372 miles
Quibdo to Quindio176 km109 miles
Quindio to Riohacha844 km524 miles
Riohacha to Risaralda805 km500 miles
Risaralda to San Andres1,050 km652 miles
San Andres to San Jose del Guaviare1,494 km928 miles
San Jose del Guaviare to Santa Marta979 km608 miles
Santa Marta to Santander515 km320 miles
Santander to Sincelejo353 km219 miles
Sincelejo to Sucre92 km57 miles
Sucre to Tolima527 km327 miles
Tolima to Tunja255 km158 miles
Tunja to Valle del Cauca411 km255 miles
Valle del Cauca to Valledupar830 km516 miles
Valledupar to Vaupes1,102 km685 miles
Vaupes to Vichada431 km268 miles
Vichada to Villavicencio482 km300 miles
Villavicencio to Yopal190 km118 miles