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Distance Between China Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in China

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Anhui Sheng to Beijing898 km558 miles
Beijing to Changchun860 km534 miles
Changchun to Changsha2,062 km1,281 miles
Changsha to Chengdu905 km562 miles
Chengdu to Chongqing269 km167 miles
Chongqing to Chongqing Shi0 km0 miles
Chongqing Shi to Fujian1,310 km814 miles
Fujian to Fuzhou5 km3 miles
Fuzhou to Gansu Sheng1,843 km1,145 miles
Gansu Sheng to Guangdong1,701 km1,057 miles
Guangdong to Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu12,228 km7,598 miles
Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu to Guangzhou12,227 km7,598 miles
Guangzhou to Guiyang763 km474 miles
Guiyang to Guizhou Sheng2 km1 miles
Guizhou Sheng to Haikou818 km508 miles
Haikou to Hainan3 km2 miles
Hainan to Hangzhou1,509 km938 miles
Hangzhou to Harbin1,809 km1,124 miles
Harbin to Hebei1,321 km821 miles
Hebei to Heilongjiang Sheng1,321 km821 miles
Heilongjiang Sheng to Henan Sheng1,636 km1,017 miles
Henan Sheng to Hohhot697 km433 miles
Hohhot to Hubei1,167 km725 miles
Hubei to Hunan301 km187 miles
Hunan to Inner Mongolia1,417 km880 miles
Inner Mongolia to Jiangsu Sheng1,156 km718 miles
Jiangsu Sheng to Jiangxi Sheng465 km289 miles
Jiangxi Sheng to Jilin Sheng1,888 km1,173 miles
Jilin Sheng to Jinan1,069 km664 miles
Jinan to Kunming1,875 km1,165 miles
Kunming to Lhasa1,256 km780 miles
Lhasa to Liaoning3,192 km1,983 miles
Liaoning to Nanchang1,613 km1,002 miles
Nanchang to Nanjing467 km290 miles
Nanjing to Nanning1,455 km904 miles
Nanning to Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu11,733 km7,291 miles
Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu to Qinghai Sheng10,900 km6,773 miles
Qinghai Sheng to Shaanxi700 km435 miles
Shaanxi to Shandong Sheng778 km483 miles
Shandong Sheng to Shanghai731 km454 miles
Shanghai to Shanghai Shi2 km1 miles
Shanghai Shi to Shanxi Sheng1,100 km684 miles
Shanxi Sheng to Shenyang1,024 km636 miles
Shenyang to Shijiazhuang869 km540 miles
Shijiazhuang to Sichuan1,258 km782 miles
Sichuan to Taiyuan1,118 km695 miles
Taiyuan to Tianjin426 km265 miles
Tianjin to Tianjin Shi7 km4 miles
Tianjin Shi to Tibet Autonomous Region12,161 km7,556 miles
Tibet Autonomous Region to Wuhan12,158 km7,555 miles
Wuhan to Xi'an646 km401 miles
Xi'an to Xining701 km436 miles
Xining to Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu10,898 km6,772 miles
Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu to Yunnan11,138 km6,921 miles
Yunnan to Zhejiang Sheng1,811 km1,125 miles
Zhejiang Sheng to Zhengzhou788 km490 miles