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Distance Between Chile Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Chile

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aisen to Antofagasta2,427 km1,508 miles
Antofagasta to Araucania1,711 km1,063 miles
Araucania to Arica2,285 km1,420 miles
Arica to Arica y Parinacota87 km54 miles
Arica y Parinacota to Atacama999 km621 miles
Atacama to Biobio1,068 km664 miles
Biobio to Coihaique956 km594 miles
Coihaique to Concepcion976 km606 miles
Concepcion to Copiapo1,082 km672 miles
Copiapo to Coquimbo304 km189 miles
Coquimbo to Iquique1,089 km677 miles
Iquique to La Serena1,083 km673 miles
La Serena to Los Lagos1,338 km831 miles
Los Lagos to Los Rios188 km117 miles
Los Rios to Magallanes1,332 km828 miles
Magallanes to Maule1,856 km1,153 miles
Maule to O'Higgins117 km73 miles
O'Higgins to Puerto Montt785 km488 miles
Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas1,309 km813 miles
Punta Arenas to Rancagua2,111 km1,312 miles
Rancagua to Santiago80 km50 miles
Santiago to Santiago Metropolitan2 km1 miles
Santiago Metropolitan to Talca240 km149 miles
Talca to Tarapaca1,709 km1,062 miles
Tarapaca to Temuco2,086 km1,296 miles
Temuco to Valdivia132 km82 miles
Valdivia to Valparaiso767 km477 miles