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Distance Between Central African Republic Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Central African Republic

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bambari to Bamingui-Bangoran279 km173 miles
Bamingui-Bangoran to Bangassou456 km283 miles
Bangassou to Bangui471 km293 miles
Bangui to Basse-Kotto305 km190 miles
Basse-Kotto to Berberati613 km381 miles
Berberati to Bimbo291 km181 miles
Bimbo to Bossangoa270 km168 miles
Bossangoa to Bouar215 km134 miles
Bouar to Bozoum97 km60 miles
Bozoum to Bria620 km385 miles
Bria to Haut-Mbomou387 km240 miles
Haut-Mbomou to Haute-Kotto288 km179 miles
Haute-Kotto to Kaga Bandoro471 km293 miles
Kaga Bandoro to Kemo124 km77 miles
Kemo to Lobaye271 km168 miles
Lobaye to Mambere-Kadei172 km107 miles
Mambere-Kadei to Mbaiki243 km151 miles
Mbaiki to Mbomou667 km414 miles
Mbomou to Mobaye318 km198 miles
Mobaye to Nana-Grebizi376 km234 miles
Nana-Grebizi to Nana-Mambere489 km304 miles
Nana-Mambere to Nola258 km160 miles
Nola to Ombella-Mpoko318 km198 miles
Ombella-Mpoko to Ouaka286 km178 miles
Ouaka to Ouham347 km216 miles
Ouham to Ouham-Pende180 km112 miles
Ouham-Pende to Sangha-Mbaere340 km211 miles
Sangha-Mbaere to Sibut395 km245 miles
Sibut to Vakaga547 km340 miles