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Distance Between Cape Verde Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Cape Verde

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Boa Vista to Brava243 km151 miles
Brava to Cova Figueira44 km27 miles
Cova Figueira to Maio6,577 km4,087 miles
Maio to Mindelo6,727 km4,180 miles
Mindelo to Mosteiros218 km135 miles
Mosteiros to Paul5,927 km3,683 miles
Paul to Porto Novo5,709 km3,547 miles
Porto Novo to Praia292 km181 miles
Praia to Ribeira Brava198 km123 miles
Ribeira Brava to Ribeira Grande115 km71 miles
Ribeira Grande to Ribeira Grande de Santiago288 km179 miles
Ribeira Grande de Santiago to Sal209 km130 miles
Sal to Santa Catarina198 km123 miles
Santa Catarina to Santa Catarina do Fogo70 km43 miles
Santa Catarina do Fogo to Santa Cruz85 km53 miles
Santa Cruz to Sao Domingos13 km8 miles
Sao Domingos to Sao Filipe104 km65 miles
Sao Filipe to Sao Lourenco dos Orgaos97 km60 miles
Sao Lourenco dos Orgaos to Sao Miguel4,957 km3,080 miles
Sao Miguel to Sao Salvador do Mundo4,959 km3,081 miles
Sao Salvador do Mundo to Sao Vicente238 km148 miles
Sao Vicente to Tarrafal214 km133 miles
Tarrafal to Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau157 km98 miles