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Distance Between Canada Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Canada

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Alberta to British Columbia726 km451 miles
British Columbia to Charlottetown4,524 km2,811 miles
Charlottetown to Edmonton3,616 km2,247 miles
Edmonton to Fredericton3,401 km2,113 miles
Fredericton to Halifax282 km175 miles
Halifax to Manitoba2,719 km1,690 miles
Manitoba to New Brunswick2,415 km1,501 miles
New Brunswick to Newfoundland and Labrador964 km599 miles
Newfoundland and Labrador to Northwest Territories3,849 km2,392 miles
Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia4,282 km2,661 miles
Nova Scotia to Nunavut3,042 km1,890 miles
Nunavut to Ontario4,533 km2,817 miles
Ontario to Ottawa3,754 km2,333 miles
Ottawa to Prince Edward Island956 km594 miles
Prince Edward Island to Quebec1,019 km633 miles
Quebec to Regina2,142 km1,331 miles
Regina to Saskatchewan304 km189 miles
Saskatchewan to St. John's3,776 km2,346 miles
St. John's to Toronto2,109 km1,310 miles
Toronto to Victoria3,384 km2,103 miles
Victoria to Whitehorse1,554 km966 miles
Whitehorse to Winnipeg2,635 km1,637 miles
Winnipeg to Yellowknife1,746 km1,085 miles
Yellowknife to Yukon1,044 km649 miles