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Distance Between Cameroon Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Cameroon

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adamaoua to Bafoussam309 km192 miles
Bafoussam to Bamenda61 km38 miles
Bamenda to Bertoua421 km262 miles
Bertoua to Buea495 km308 miles
Buea to Centre278 km173 miles
Centre to Douala231 km144 miles
Douala to East467 km290 miles
East to Ebolowa328 km204 miles
Ebolowa to Far North943 km586 miles
Far North to Garoua202 km126 miles
Garoua to Littoral678 km421 miles
Littoral to Maroua853 km530 miles
Maroua to Ngaoundere372 km231 miles
Ngaoundere to North Province144 km89 miles
North Province to North-West Province449 km279 miles
North-West Province to South Province440 km273 miles
South Province to South-West Province375 km233 miles
South-West Province to West162 km101 miles
West to Yaounde195 km121 miles