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Distance Between Burkina Faso Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Burkina Faso

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Banfora to Bobo-Dioulasso79 km49 miles
Bobo-Dioulasso to Boucle du Mouhoun168 km104 miles
Boucle du Mouhoun to Cascades256 km159 miles
Cascades to Centre402 km250 miles
Centre to Centre-Est168 km104 miles
Centre-Est to Centre-Nord201 km125 miles
Centre-Nord to Centre-Ouest209 km130 miles
Centre-Ouest to Centre-Sud141 km88 miles
Centre-Sud to Dedougou281 km175 miles
Dedougou to Dori410 km255 miles
Dori to Est205 km127 miles
Est to Fada N'gourma73 km45 miles
Fada N'gourma to Gaoua440 km273 miles
Gaoua to High-Basins1,136 km706 miles
High-Basins to Kaya1,364 km848 miles
Kaya to Koudougou167 km104 miles
Koudougou to Manga155 km96 miles
Manga to Nord265 km165 miles
Nord to Ouagadougou172 km107 miles
Ouagadougou to Ouahigouya166 km103 miles
Ouahigouya to Plateau-Central234 km145 miles
Plateau-Central to Sahel215 km134 miles
Sahel to Southwest257 km160 miles
Southwest to Tenkodogo139 km86 miles