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Distance Between Bulgaria Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Bulgaria

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Blagoevgrad to Burgas363 km226 miles
Burgas to Dobrich122 km76 miles
Dobrich to Gabrovo218 km135 miles
Gabrovo to Haskovo106 km66 miles
Haskovo to Khaskovo0 km0 miles
Khaskovo to Kurdzhali37 km23 miles
Kurdzhali to Kyustendil233 km145 miles
Kyustendil to Lovech190 km118 miles
Lovech to Montana124 km77 miles
Montana to Pazardzhik163 km101 miles
Pazardzhik to Pernik116 km72 miles
Pernik to Pleven156 km97 miles
Pleven to Plovdiv143 km89 miles
Plovdiv to Razgrad214 km133 miles
Razgrad to Ruse57 km35 miles
Ruse to Shumen100 km62 miles
Shumen to Silistra97 km60 miles
Silistra to Sliven177 km110 miles
Sliven to Smolyan182 km113 miles
Smolyan to Sofia169 km105 miles
Sofia to Sofia-Capital0 km0 miles
Sofia-Capital to Sofiya0 km0 miles
Sofiya to Stara Zagora192 km119 miles
Stara Zagora to Targovishte119 km74 miles
Targovishte to Turgovishte0 km0 miles
Turgovishte to Varna109 km68 miles
Varna to Veliko Turnovo187 km116 miles
Veliko Turnovo to Vidin244 km152 miles
Vidin to Vratsa103 km64 miles
Vratsa to Yambol254 km158 miles